Wonderful Journey in Baitullah Part 2 – Friendship and Silaturahim


Going Umroh as a couple means we have to separate each other when the prayer’s time was calling, me in the women side, and husband in the men side. 5 times in a day, 3-5 times in the different places and rows, and 3-5 times with different people by your side. And how come I couldn’t get many friends there. I met many friends, some came from the same travel with me, and some others come from different travel, different cities, and even different countries.

Sometimes u can’t even guess what kind of people will be in your left or right side. I used to have some selfie with all of them, but unfortunately I didn’t always bring my phone with me, especially in Nabawi, bcoz we’re not allowed to bring cell phone due to some good reasons. Actually me and my husband decided not to activate our phone every time we had a trip except when in hotel using the Wifi only to give information for our family.

IMG_3803 IMG_3796

In Nabawi, I met a woman which also a banker, she came with her husband for the first time for umrah, been married fot 7 years and still dunno have any children. I met couple of friends, 3 friends from Makassar, 1 friend from Jakarta, and 1 friend from Pekanbaru, their umroh trip was fully sponsored as a gift by their office. Lucky Them! I met a tough mom with her two lil kiddos. She was a very adorable mom, every time I saw her, she neva stop teaching her two lil kiddos how to read Al Quran in a good way, and how to memorize it J. I also met an old woman, she has daughters which haven’t got married, she’s been hajj for 5 times, and umroh for 7 times on the same travel (NRA). She kept smiling and told me not to give up on whatever the situation is. She told me to read shalawat, and that everyone in this whole wide world has their own problem, never stop doing efforts, and never stop praying.


In Raudhah, I met a humble woman, which also a banker, she went umroh for the second time, been married for 5 years and still dunno have any children. I also met a woman who has been married for 4 years, felt miscarriage in her 2nd years of marriage, and still dunno have any children. I also met a grandma which never stop crying every time she saw raudhah. She told me that she couldn’t kept her excitement of having those beautiful experiences in Raudhah.

In Makkah, I met an ald woman, she’s been hajj for 5 times, and umroh for 4 times, she told me that this place will always be missed by everyone who have came here. So, always believe that whenever you had a will to go back and back again to Baitullah, insyaAllah there will be a way to go there. she has kissed Hajar Aswad for 7 times, how amazing rite? She also told me that I was so lucky to have came for umroh in a very young age.


I also met an old woman from Palestine, she told me a lot about Palestine, Masjidil Aqso and her family who still live in Gaza. Some of her family in Gaza were dying of the war. At another prayer time, I met some Turkish people who never stop starring on my “mukena” and “hijab”, they told me that it was beautiful. At my second day in Makkah, I met a woman from Thailand. She can speak Malay but couldn’t speak Thai. She told me that she lived in the Border of Malaysia and Thailand, which were dominated by Moslems. In front of Murtazam, I met a Turkish old woman, who was very kind and humble to me, at the end of the prayer time she was whispering me something in an Arabic words which I dunno the meaning, the only thing that I got was Al-Islam.


After doing my third umroh, I met an Algerian girl who lives in Lion, France. She couldn’t speak English, but she knew what I mean, her name is Almadila, so every time I asked her a question, she asked her mom to answer me in English, she was so pretty just like her mom.


On my last day in Makkah in Fairmont Hotel Lobby, I met Noon. At first I thought that her name is Brenda, bcoz after showing my Name Tag she said Brenda ahaha but I was wrong actually, so she thought that my name is Brenda becoz above my name it was written “Beranda”. Ahaha so I explained again that my name is Ruri not Brenda and she told that her name is Noon. Noon came from Morocco, she came for umroh with her husband leaved her two lil kiddos with her mom. She told me that her two lil kiddos were still wearing diapers so it will be super hard to take them along for Umroh. Noon said that in Morocco, they can do umroh individually without using travel, and it was very easy. Her first time umroh is the best experience that she had, and after that she always miss Baitullah and want to come again and again to Makkah. And she was totally true I couldn’t agree more. She have worked in Emirates but then she stopped working and being a house wife after having two children from her marriage. I also asked her about the beautiful pashmina which always used for the stewardess on the airplane, she gave me the tutorials but I still dunno understand how to wear it ahahah (I just like say ya ya ya all the time ahahaha). She was a nice friend, she told a lot about Morocco, and amazingly she told me that a Morocco could speak 3-5 languages. The main language is Arabic, and the second language could be chosen by each people, it could be Spanish, France, or English, amazing rite all those languages are totally different specially Arabic but they could understand it, so cool rite (Standing Applause). She been travelling to Asia for a week to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Phuket, I told her to come to Indonesia to see another paradise in Asia.



20150426_081428 20150427_150156

On our travel (NRA), We met Ustadz Subki, Ustadz Hasan, Ustadz Subhan, Ustad Rusdi, and Ustadz Arifin Panogoro.

IMG_3862 IMG_3864

We also met a lot of people,one of them is a humble fren who has a face that really look like Dian Pelangi, she was so beautiful and such an ideal woman to married as a wife banget deh keibuan. I also met a nice and super humble couple, Mbak Ayu Dyah Andari and Mas Muliandy. Mbak Ayu herself was a Palembangnese too, she was a famous designer, and her husband was an oil and gas expert well both of them were totally inspiring couple (dah kita mah apah atuh), and you know what that her husband even won the first prize “ A Car that could be returned with 7 Umrah Packages”, and even worse Mbak Ayu herself also won an umroh prize, how lucky they are rite. At the same time we also met another humble couple of a doctor Mbak Luthfi and an oil and gas engineer Mas Rahdian, they were a great parents too, they had 3 children, two of them were twins, but unfortunately one of the twin have passed away and leaving a neva ending sadness for both of them. I also met some “Emak-Emak Hebring” who neva stop talking about their family and children, and ended up by an idea to make an engagement mission to their children ahahaha I guess I’ll do the same on my future life hehehe. I also met beautiful twinnies, and their older sister who has a look-alike face, it did make me want to have twin babies hihihi. On the same bus, me and my husband also met a branch manager of a syariah bank in Makassar with her wife, they were so kind and super humble. Well we do met a lot of people there, and I couldn’t even recall them one by one on this posting, but I am so happy. I simply learned a lot from those people, and I am very grateful about it. Alhamdulillah.

Wonderful Journey in Baitullah Part 1 – Nothing But A Wonderful Journey


Assalammualaikum Bloggers, I’ve been wondering myself to make a quick draft as soon as possible after the journey, but the thing is ahaha suddenly all the dreams become only a plan hihi as usual all the laziness and sleeping beauty syndrome somehow always win the war between spirit of doing everything versus doing nothing. Well after having umroh, all I can say is Makkah and Madinah have just amazed me all at once!!! Subhanallah. There’s nothing more than desert, mountain, rocks everywhere, and super hot weather there, but all the good things, all those holy feelings, the history, Rasulullah, The Baitullah, and everything between it has just charmed me a lot all at once!!! Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah and I can’t wait to come again and again to Baitullah for hajj and umroh, May Allah will gave that chance to me and my family.


IMG_3683 IMG_36962015-04-24-07-45-54_deco

Awalnya aku sama suami emang udah niat pengen umroh tahun ini, tapi ketika udah semakin deket dengan bulan rencana kita mau umroh semakin banyak ajah kegalauan dan kegundahan hati yang melanda kita berdua. Jadi kalo dibilang umroh itu adalah jihad hati, jihad fisik dan jihad harta, itu emang bener banget. Tapi Alhamdulillah semakin deket ke niat kita untuk berangkat satu per satu masalah dibantu selesain sama Allah, kita sempet bingung nyari-nyari travel apa yang kira-kira paling sesuai sama kita dari mulai harga, susunan acara, hotel, sampe dengan tanggal cuti tadinya bingung mau AeroHajj, atau Dompet Dhuafa, tapi di akhir-akhir pencarian kita malah ditemuin sama travel NRA. Alhamdulillah banget pas kita mau daftar pas banget Travel nya lagi ulang tahun jadi kita dapet potongan, Alhamdulillah, selain itu kita juga ngedapetin hotel yang seharusnya masuk di paket gold eh malah dapet di kita yang regular, Alhamdulillah. Pas lagi di Mekah pun ada acara Tasyakuran Ultah NRA, kita gak dapet hadiah apa-apa, hehe tapi gapapa karena berangkat umroh itu sendiri adalah hadiah terbesar bagi kita berdua. Pas pulang kita dapet hadiah lagi berupa souvenir dari Ultah NRA berupa Alquran Mushaf dan Tas Buat Mukena. Alhamdulillah.


Everybody who has gone for umroh and hajj will always have the special stories about their trip and so does us. I guess I will summarize it into some big points:


  1. Praying in Raudhah

Raudhah is a mosque that was built between Nabawi and Rasulullah’s house, this place was said to be Raudhah (Garden’s of The Heaven), and it was nominated as one of a mustajab place to convey prayer bcoz u have to queuing here to have a chance to pray inside it specially for woman bcoz we were limited by the time, as for man they have 24 hours to pray there. My first time was with the travel guide, but my second time was with me alone hihi, I always thought that it would be a regret if I dunno use my time well to go there while in Madinah, so I decided to go there alone and it was so fast I only have to wait for a while there, lucky me alhamdulillah, I also got 2 new friends from Indonesia there. Raudhah was so full of people, some of them stayed like a statue there, some of them were busy writing their name on the separating wall (How weird rite?), and some of them were crying over and over.


  1. We lose our pocket camera :p

Yeah believe it or not, my husband thought that he had put the pocket camera into his bag while in bus from Madinah to Makkah, but ZONK, we didn’t find any pocket camera on it while we arrived in Makkah, so we told the Muthalib (read semacem ustad yang membimbing di bis travel) that we’ve lost the camera, He told us that he will ask the driver to recheck the bus, but unfortunately becoz the bus had leaved to Madinah, we will get the information about it only when the bus has came to Makkah on the next 2 days. Yeah, I deeply feeling a lil bit angry to my husband since I lose my photo with the birds in Madinah and even worse we couldn’t get any good pictures while in Makkah except using my S4, but suddenly I felt that maybe it lose for a good reason so then I told my husband to let it go and feel super “ikhlas”, if it use to be ours it will be back, but if it wasn’t then we have to let it go. The one who felt so guilty about it is my husband himself, bcoz he realized that he might losing it bcoz he always thought of having the new one, almost everytime he told me about the new catalogs of camera. Somehow it looked like he didn’t felt grateful about the old camera that has helped him a lot. Things ran so fast in the next 2 days, and unexpectedly our muthalib said that our camera was found by the driver, and he would gave it to us as soon as possible he met us, Alhamdulillah wasyukurillah, lucky Us, we still got a chance to have a good documentation while in Makkah. (P.S the driver also take a selfie with our camera so that we will always remember him ahaha)


  1. Hajar Aswad

I’ve been wondering myself to kiss Hajar Aswad and to see the beautiful of the Heaven’s Stone that was put in the corner of Ka’bah even it is not a must. I guess I have to give it a chance to try at least one. So accompanied by my husband I tried to touch the Hajar Aswad, but unfortunately the competition was so unexpected, people around me were pushing each other, they didn’t even differentiate between man and woman, bcoz competition is a competition and you have to fight for it no matter how tall you are and no matter whether u were a man or a woman. So it’s almost like 10 cm in front of me and suddenly we were pushed by those big guys, and then we should start from the beginning to fight with each others, my feet were trampled by those big guys around me (sampe bengkak T.T), and I was gave up after 30 minutes fighting to touch it. Well people said that Hajar Aswad was kindly different with rukun yamani, murtazam and “Makam Ibrahim” becoz people were queuing in good way, and you may touch it without fighting, while in Hajar Aswad you do have to fight if you want to touch it, and some people also feel syirik about it and using many ways to touch it even using the help by paying those big people. As for me I won’t do it, I’ll try my best, if I were destined to touch it than I would find my own way to touch it, but if I won’t so it might be for a good reason. It is indeed like our life, you think that it is the best things in your life, you think that you can get it easily, you think that u almost there, but unexpectedly things might doesn’t always work the way we think about, we may think that it was the best thing for us, but Allah know the best, while human know nothing u just have to try and push yourself to the limit and Let Allah SWT shows you the best that u can get.


  1. Murtazam

Murtazam is the Door of Ka’bah, it is one of the “Mustajab” place to pray and convey prayer in front of it. As for me and my husband it was one of our favorite view in Masjidil Haram. And I can’t help myself not to cry every time I saw the door, it’s like magical things inside myself told me that I were nothing, and God is everything, and we couldn’t even breath without the help of Allah SWT. Allah gave me everything I want in my life, I always got a good score on my academic histories, I got a chance to enter in one of the best university in Indonesia,  I always wanted to work in a Bank ever since I was a child and Allah gave me that opportunity to work in a bank (and I started to regret it, it’s like I didn’t felt grateful about it), I got married in 23, I got a Nice Husband, I got a happy family, I have a healthy body, I got many good people all around me, and just because of some reasons somehow sometimes I didn’t felt grateful about it, how could I? Fabbiayyi ala irrabbikumma tukadziban (so which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?). I started to know myself better, and I started to ground myself to the Zero Position. And this was the best place on earth where u could pray, it was more than a wishing granting factory, it was Baitullah, the home of the One who Create the whole wide world. Hopefully Allah SWT will grant all of me and my husband prayers, aminnn YRA.


  1. My husband lose his sandals

On the third day in Makkah me and my husband decided to do umroh alone apart of the travel’s itienery. Lucky us there was a nice couple, mbak luthfi and mas radian who also had the same plan with us, so we went together by taxi to take the Miqot in Tan’im Mosque (the nearest place where Siti Aisyah took Miqot for Umroh). After arrived at the mosque we did Dhuha, and Tahiyatul Masjid Pray. Not long after doing those things we got ready to go back to the taxi, but unfortunately my husband lose his sandals, while mas radian his fren didn’t lose his sandal, so then we went back to Masjidil Haram with my Husband who didn’t have sandals. I felt so pity to my husband but he told me that it was okay J. Well, We might met the sandal again in the heaven.


  1. Tawaf

Tawaf activities for some reason means a lot of things to me, I was categorized into a super “ale-ale” person which means I would like to give up even when I wasn’t trying my best and push myself to the limit on doing everything. As for a person like me, I would be easily pushed by other person while doing tawaf. So I learned a lot, and I kept doing Dzikir, I kept focus on the situation around me, and I kept watching whether there’s a wheel chair or not behind me, whether there’s a kid or not around me, until I could drive myself safely into the 7th lap. Well it’s look simple but in fact there were so many things that u have to pay attention during doing tawaf specially a “khusyuk” and safe tawaf without being pushed by others.

IMG_3740 IMG_3744IMG_3947IMG_3963

  1. The Beautiful Nabawi

I never wondering myself could be in a such beautiful mosque, I love the details about the mosques, all the calligraphies and not to forget that such beautiful Umbrellas.


  1. City Tour and All Those Warm Feeling

Every time we had a city tour around Madinah and Makkah, The Muthalib and Ustadz always told the story about those historical places. As for me while listening to the story and looking outside was a very unforgettable moment. That moment I just realized all the things that might we heard in the Islamic History was real, it was happened, it really was, and the proofs was uncontested. It’s like the place itself told us its own histories. And my face would be like duck (mewek pengen nangis) all the time couldn’t stop starring at those beautiful histories. Subhanallah.


So finally, after all the journey that I had for these 9 days, all I could say that I do miss this place, even when I was still there. Those Beautiful Mosques, Those God’s Carving All Around The City, Those Holy Feelings, Those Warm Feelings, Those Happy Feelings will be missed. I simply learned a lot about everything here, it helps me a lot to know myself better, it teaches me how human couldn’t do everything without any help of Allah SWT, it makes my faith stronger, it makes me learn how to socialize with hundred thousands of people, it makes me more focus on doing everything, it enriches my knowledge about  Islam, and it motivates me to come again and again to Baitullah.

IMG_4158 IMG_4153 IMG_4159

20 Facts About Me

1. My friends usually call me “ruray” or “ulik”, ulik is my nickname in my family, and ruray edogawa was truly inspired by d phenomenal detective “Conan Edogawa”, honestly I’m a big fans of “Sinichi Kudo” (d’ adult version of Conan Edogawa) but since d’word “Kudo” it self in Indonesia means Horse (Kuda), it will be sounds so weird bcoz it will become “Ruray Kudo” or “Ruray Horse” or “Ruray Kuda” so finally I picked “Ruray Edogawa” for my funny nickname.

2. I am a multitalented person in a vice versa meaning ahaha.. WHY?? Bcoz d truth is I can’t do anything I can’t drive, I can’t swim, and I can’t cook a supa complicated food like a masterchef.. see how multitalented I am rite hihi..

3. I’m afraid of the height..

4. My fave animal is a supa cute and fluffy animal.. It is jeng jeng jeng (drum roll) PANDA of course..

5. I’m a big fans of oriental face artists, I dunno why but maybe bcoz I’m an oriental face too, there are many oriental face artists from all over asia, but I’ll pick 4 of them as me fave:

· Gong Li from China

· Franda from Indonesia

· Ice Preechaya from Thailand

· Song Hye Kyo from Korea

6. I do Love Blogging, I do Love Writing about extraordinary and funny things that happen in my life.. I Love to describe stories by my own way, it could be by words or by drawing comic. And now since I dunno have time to write on my blog, I ‘d prefer to do instant micro blogging on Path or Instagram, even it was kinda different bcoz of some limitation and BLOGGING is d best way ever to tell stories.. so I deciding to write again on my blog as soon as possible..definitely gonna do it soon..

7. I can’t read map…Until my husband force me not to be an ignorance person.. He told me that I hafta know about everything, and I have to survive in every conditions that happen to me.. I realize that those spirits from my husband made me become a tough person and now I know how to read maps as well as I know many public transportation and its routes.. It might not an easy thing to do at first, but at the end I do feel the advantages of being An Explorer like Dora.

8. I love laughing and telling jokes as well as love crying..

9. Ever since my father was dying, I became a paranoid every time I hafta face Doctors.

10. I’m a sleeping beauty princess. Apologize for a very self proclaim fact about me hihi but Ihonestly I tell u d truth.. I always feel sleepy every time I hafta face a boring subject in d class.

11. I’m a panic person, I can’t work under pressure and I can’t work over a deadline.. That’s why I usually become a very planned person on doing assignments. I do it to avoid being a ball of stress when I hafta face deadline and pressures.

12. I was trained to be a dragon hihi kiddingggg.. wat I wanna say here is dat my shio is Dragon, and my zodiac is Leo, and dat’s make me become a “gampang emosian and gampang kesel person” ..

13. My all time fave food is rice.. I couldn’t live without eating rice. Well thanks God dat I was born as an Indonesian hihi.

14. I was named Ruri Octaviani by my parents, Ruri itself comes from a title of a Song “Ruri adalah Abangku” by A.T Mahmud, the song told us about a diligent and smart boy named Ruri, my father gave me that name in order to have a diligent and smart girl too, hihi I hope He wasn’t disappointed of me ruin d song hihi.. and Octaviani itself it comes from d word Octa that means Eight and The 8th month is August, the month when I was born. But usuall people think dat I was born in October hihi..

15. Paling gak suka dimarahin, dan diatur secara berlebihan makany bercita-cita punya usaha sendiri karena gak ad yg ngatur2 hihi (it’s kinda annoying)

16. I Love to live in a peace world, I dunno want to make enemies.

17. I’m a vindictive person (pendendam), every time someone hurts me, I will neva eva gonna forget about it, I will forgive it, and I will not doing a revenge, but sorry I can’t go back on the same person just like before.

18. I love drawing and making comic hihi u can check it out on my blog later..

19. I love watching cartoon, and I do believe in a happy ending stories just like in Disney Stories.

20. I’m a dreamer.. I love to dream about everything comes on my mind. I neva stop dreaming.

And now Me and My husband dreaming of going to travel all around the world with our family and our future childrens.

Thailand and Malaysia City Hopping Day 6 (Hat Yai – Butterworth – Penang)

Hari ini abis subuhan kita langsung jalan kaki ke stasiun, jaraknya deket banget skitar 100m, stasiun udah buka dari jam 5 pagi, tadinya kita buru2 biar gak ketinggalan kereta jam setengah 7 pagi (Bangkok – Butterworth) eh gak taunya keretanya delay ampe jam ½ 9 pagi, akhirnya kita stay tune di stasiun sambil nyolong WiFi Gratisan yang entah hape android syp, disinyalir sih pemilik wifi adalah ibu2 pake baju merah yang duduk belakang kita ahaha..

20141210_055209 20141210_055124 20141210_055147

Sekitar jam 9 an Alhamdulillah akhirnya keretanya dateng juga, dan kita langsung naik kereta. Di sebelah kita duduk ada orang korea 2 orang, cantik2 banget deh ala2 SNSD gitu, tapi aku gak foto, malu soalnya.. Sekitar 2 jam setelah Hat Yai kita sampe di perbatasan Thailand-Malaysia seperti biasa kita disuru turun dulu untuk pengecekan imigrasi, trus lanjut deh memasuki Malaysia. Kerasa banget deh bedanya, soalnya rel kretanya jadi lebih mulus, karena jalannya lebih bagus, sesame di perjalanan kita ngeliat di sebelah kiri kita ada 1 orang bule dan 1 orang Malaysia yang gak berenti critaan. Jadi dari hasil nguping, ceritanya si bule ini punya istri orang Malaysia, dan dulu juga tinggal di Malaysia, sementara si anak Malaysia baru abis pulang travelling dari Vietnam, Laos, kamboja, dan Thailand.

20141210_132824 20141210_113539 20141210_114333

Selama perjalanan, aku malah sibuk nulis, sementara mas abi sibuk bobok, sekitar 3 jam kemudian akhirnya kita sampe juga di Butterworth. Trus lanjut dari sana kita nyebrang naek feri ke Penang, Ferinya bagus deh, kita malah sibuk foto2, dan skitar 20 menit dari situ kita akhirnya sampe juga di Penang. Dari pelabuhan, kita naik Rapid Penang untuk menju Komtar yang letaknya di dekat hotel. Dari Komtar, kita jalan kaki menuju New Asia Heritage Hotel. Hotelnya cozy, dan vintage banget, yah namanya juga heritage yah, hotelnya adem plus deket kemana2.. recommended deh..

20141210_141528 20141210_143737 20141210_143929 IMG_2236

Abis istirahat solat, dan beli makan siang di Line Clear, kita langsung muter2in Penang, ada banyak banget wall street art dan bangunan2 bersejarah yang lucu2.. wajar banget klo Penang dkasi julukan Penang World Heritage City, kotanya rapid an adem banget, betah deh.. Sore ampe malem kita muter2in Penang Heritage Area, Alhamdulillah udah banyak tempat yang udah kita checklist jadi besoknyanya kita bisa jalan di tempat laen lagi deh.. Malemnya kita jalan2 di mall Komtar sambil makan es krim di McD choco top, entah kenapa di sini enak banget coklatnya beda ama yg di Indo huksss, pulangnya kita beli makan di Hameed.

IMG_2454 IMG_2471 IMG_2255 IMG_2283 IMG_2318 IMG_2381 IMG_2393 IMG_2417

Money Spent in Day 6

  1. Tiket Kreta Hatyai – Butterworth = 2 x332THB = 664 THB
  2. Beli nasi di Border Thailand – Malaysia = 3,5 RM
  3. Ongkos Rapid Penang Jetti-Komtar = 2,8 RM
  4. Biaya Perawatan New Asia Heritage Hotel = 4 RM
  5. Nasi Kandar Line Clear = 21,5 RM
  6. Nasi Goreng Hameed = 4 RM
  7. Es Krim McD = 3,6 RM
  8. Beli air minum = 3,6 RM
  9. Naik Feri penyebrangan Butterworth-Penang = 2x 1,2 RM = 2,4 RM

Komtar yang letaknya di dekat hotel. Dari Komtar, kita jalan kaki menuju New Asia Heritage Hotel. Hotelnya cozy, dan vintage banget, yah namanya juga heritage yah, hotelnya adem plus deket kemana2.. recommended deh..

Malaysia City Hopping Day 8 (Penang – Jakarta)

So Today is our last day in Penang, pagi ini dipenuhi dengan kebingungan kita mw kemana sebelum akhirnya ke bandara bwt balik ke Jakarta.. ada beberapa pilihan museum dan tempat yang pengen kita kunjungin, tapi akhirnya mas abi mutusin buat ke Toy Museum , museum ini letaknya cukup jauh, jadi arahnya adalah ke Teluk Bahang yang mana lokasinya adalah lebih jauh dari Mesjid Terapung yang kemaren kita kunjungin. Dengan harapan yang besar menuju ke Toy Museum, akhirnya kita langsung naik rapid penang dari Komtar.. Selama di perjalanan kita ngelewatin bukit-bukit dan pantai Batu Feringgi, di atas bukit juga banyak hotel-hotel mewah kayak Shangrila, Holiday Inn, dan Hard Rock, pemandangannya juga bagus jadi gak rugi juga sih hihi..

IMG_2860 IMG_2853

Setelah menempuh perjalanan yang cukup jauh sampelah kita di Toy Museum yang ternyata cukup ale-ale, dan kita rada tertipu sama tulisan yang ada di Flyernya di situ tulisannya Tiket Masuk harganya 15 RM, tapi ternyata itu Cuma berlaku buat warga Negara Malaysia yang punya MyKad atau istilahnya KTP kalo di Indonesia, sementara untuk turis itu harus bayar 30 RM/orang. Toweweng ahaha..

20141212_094244 20141212_093020 20141212_092950

Pas masuk ke sana ada banyaaak banget deh koleksi maenannya, gmana caranya dy ngumpulinnya yah.. Buat kamu-kamu yang anak tahun 90 an ada banyak banget deh tokoh kartun dan karakter yang jaya pada masa tahun 90 an jadi kayak nostalgia deh hihi, gmana gak coba bayangin dari Sailormoon, Power Ranger, Smurf, Dragon Ball dan temen-temennya masih ada semua bok di sini hihi.. alhasil kita foto2in smua dong (gak mw rugi ahaha) ampe gak kerasa bahwa jam udah menunjukkan jam 12 siang hihi, akhirnya setelah puas foto-foto kita keluar museum deh, trus pengen ke taman yang ada di flyer museum ternyata kita malah mengalami Moment ZONK ke dua ahaha ternyata th tamannya super ale2 banget dan Cuma sepitik seuprit doang dan gak terawatt zzzzzz.. haduuuuh.. kecewa dot com deh sis, ahahaha Zonk Moment kali ini dipersembahkan oleh ke ale2an mas abi ahaha..

Abis dari Toy Museum kita dibingungin lagi ama kegalauan kedua mas abi, yaitu mw nyari lego city series yg gak ada di Indo (FYI, ini bukan Cuma kita lakuin di Penang ajah tapi hamper setiap hari mas abi kerjanya googling tentang lego, dan stiap wikennya aku selalu nemenin keluar masuk Toys Store sampe Lego Shop di Citos buat nyari lego hadeuh), akhirnya berdasarkan hasil Gugling mas abi, katanya ada 3 toko yang harus dkunjungin , 2 di antaranya ada di Gurney, dan 1 nya di Komtar. So mampirlah kita ke Gurney buat ke Toys R Us sama La Fonis.. dan ternyata toweweng yang ketiga adalah moment di mana kita liat bahwa La Fonis itu adalah took maenan anak kecil (yg masih kecil banget) ahahaha haduuuhh.. ZONK ZONK ZONK hihi, sementara di Toys R Us sendiri koleksinya sama kayak di Indo. Setelah mengalami kegagalan yang bertubi-tubi di Gurney akhirnya kita ke Komtar buat liat Toy Store yang jualan lego, sampe di sana ternyata harganya lebih mahal dari di Indo ahaha yowes deh gak jadi hihi..

20141212_135336 20141212_134703

Setelah badan cukup encok akhirnya kita makan siang di Restoran Arab di Komtar, abis itu balik deh ke hotel ambil koper untuk siap2 ke bandara. Setelah itu kita balik ke Komtar beli bekal bwt di Bandara, and naek rapid penang ke bandara..yoshhh.. akhirnya sampelah kita ke bandara Penang International Airport, bandaranya kecil tapi bagus dan rapid eh, musholanya pun rapi banget..

20141212_205802 20141212_201210 20141212_190436 IMG_2873

Sambil nunggu pesawat yang masih lama datengnya kita nyari kursi yang available bwt makan bekal hihi, abis th solat and siap2 nunggu pesawat.. Gak lama kemudian pesawat pun dateng dan kita disuru siap2 antri padahal pesawatnya pun belum dibersiin toweweng.. pada bête deh trutama orang2 tua, maklumlah kebanyakan orang Indonesia dateng ke Penang dengan tujuan bwt berobat. Sampe di pesawat dan sudah duduk rapi, kita disuruh keluar lagi soalnya ada ban yg rusak dan harus dganti toweweng jadi smua barang yang ditaro di kabin juga harus dkeluarin.. kalo kita sih nyante yah gapapa sih demi keamanan juga tapi orang2 yang abis berobat kasian bgt dong mana ada beberapa yang jg harus pake kursi roda, jadi bersyukur banget rasanya sama nikmat kesehatan yang dikasi oleh Allah SWT, Alhamdulillah.. abis disuru keluar kita malah jalan2 dan foto di bandara ajah hehe.. gak lama kemudian setelah 30 menit akhirnya kita disuru masuk lagi deh.. Alhamdulillah.. dan Bismillah untuk keselamatan perjalanan dari Jakarta menuju Penang.. Buat yg sering bepergian baik naik kendaraan, kereta, pesawat, bis ataupun kapal jangan lupa doa yah baca bismillah, shalawat, Al Fatihah, Al Hasyr atau apapun yang kamu hapal gapapa, yang penting jangan lupa doa, karena kita gak pernah tau apa yang akan terjadi..

Dan perjalanan pun dimulai, Alhamdulillah berhasil take off dengan baik tapi gak lama kemudian seorang pramugara mengumumkan bahwa ada seorang penumpang yang sakit dan butuh bantuan dokter, sehingga bagi penumpang yang berprofesi sebagai dokter diharapkan secara sukarela membantunya, dan Alhamdulillah di pesawat ada 1 orang dokter, selama di perjalanan orang itu sakit, dan mungkin jantung, karena pas landing pun kita udah disambut sama Ambulans, karena Ybs udah gak bisa jalan lagi.. sementara penumpang2 lainnya pun banyak yang menggunakan kursi roda.

Alhamdulillah akhirnya sampe juga di Jakarta, sejujurnya dari semua kota-kota yang aku kunjungin aku paling suka sama Penang, dan pengen banget tinggal di sana, smuanya rapi, tenang dan gak terlalu hectic dan rame kayak di Jakarta atau di Singapore. Overall Penang is a very nice city, awalnya aku piker ini kota tempat orang berobat doang, gak taunya lebih dari itu.. Kotanya bagus banget, bersih, tenang, banyak bangunan heritage, banyak makanan halal yang enak2, banyak mesjid yang bagus2, banyak tempat wisata, dan tentunya banyak mall hihi (teteuupp yaah), jadi pengen pindah ke Penang ahaha tapi gak tw mw kerja apaan di sana, kata suami nanti kamu bosen loh, biasa rame, hectic, dan banyak masalah di Jakarta, di Penang tenang tenang ajah gak asik hahaha bener juga yah walau macet, hectic, dan ale2 tapi itu justru tantangannya.. Well Bloody and Tears will only make U Stronger Rite hihi..

Money Spent in Day 8

  1. Ongkos Rapid Penang (Komtar – Toy Museum) = 6,8 RM
  2. Toy Museum = 2×30 RM = 60 RM
  3. Ongkos Rapid Penang (Toy Museum – Gurney) = 5,4 RM
  4. Ongkos Rapid Penang (Gurney – Komtar) = 2×15 RM = 30 RM
  5. Lunch Komtar = 14 RM
  6. Buy Groceries = 59,2 RM
  7. Ongkos Rapid Penang (Komtar – Airport) = 5,4 RM
  8. Bekal di Airport = 10 RM
  9. Beli Air di Airport = 1,5 RM
  10. Tiket Damri = 80 IDR
  11. Taxi Semanggi – Setiabudi = 20 IDR

Malaysia City Hopping Day 7 (Penang)

Hari ini kita mulai dengan berangkat dari stasiun komtar naek rapid penang untuk berangkat ke Penang Hill. Sesampainya di sana kita udah disambut sama keramaian orang-orang, gak tau apa mungkin itu hari libur kali yah jadinya rame banget dan banyak anak-anak. Abis beli tiket, kita langsung ngantri untuk naek kereta jaman dulu untuk menuju ke Puncaknya Penang Hill.. wii seruu deh naek kereta miring begitu ala2 jaman dulu.. perjalanan dari atas ke bawah memakan waktu kurang lebih 15 menit.

.IMG_2511 IMG_2518

Setelah sampe di atas, kita langsung masuk ke Owl Museum, jadi awalnya kita gak tau tentang Owl Museum ini tapi kita baru banget liat mengenai Owl Museum ini pas lagi di Pesawat Air Asia di perjalanan Jakarta-Phuket. So here we are in d Owl Museum, buat anak-anak museum ini gratis bok, tapi bwt Adult kita harus bayar 15RM, di sini kita juga bisa minjem kostum seragamnya Harry Potter for free…asiiikkk, trus mulailah petualangan kita di antara barang-barang kesenian berbentuk Owl yang lucu-lucu.. Oh yaa di sini juga ada kuis loh, kuisnya 10 soal, kalo kita bisa jawab smuanya bener kita bakalan dapet souvenir owl.. lumayan banget kan sis hihi.. dan secara aku ama suami aku hobi banget ama yg gratisan dan ikut2an kuis, akhirnya kita ikutan dan Alhamdulillah dapet deh hehehe..

Lanjut dari owl museum kita langsung ke atas puncak untuk menikmati udara dingin dan foto-foto dengan view Kota Penang dari atas bukit.. wiii Subhanallah banget bagus deh , kotanya rapi bangetttt.. kapan yah Indonesia juga begini L. Di sini juga ada Mesjid, Rumah Jenderal Inggris Jaman Dulu, Love Lock ala2 Korea,Taman Bunga, Mesjid, dan juga kereta api jaman dulu

IMG_2523 IMG_2526 IMG_2575 IMG_2592 IMG_2645 20141211_103205 20141211_103224 20141211_103321 20141211_114628 20141211_114651

Puas foto-foto kita lanjut deh makan karena kita berdua udah kelaperan.. makanannya gak gitu enak di sini dan cukup pricey, so my recommendation is kalo belum terlalu laper mending tahan dulu deh, karena masi ada banyak makanan laen di Penang yang enak2 dan harganya juga terjangkau..

20141211_115608 20141211_115655 20141211_122809 20141211_124058

Setelah puas jalan-jalan di atas bukit, akhirnya kita memutuskan buat turun bukit naek kereta.. Abis turun, kita mutusin buat naek Hop In Hop Off Bus nya Penang, jadi kita langsung masuk, enak deh bisnya adem, sama kayak bis yang ada di Jakarta, plus ad buku-buku wisata dan ada wifi lagi.. ehhh gak taunya pas lagi duduk2 nyante kita dikasi tau bahwa bisnya gak gratis tapi bayar 45 RM per orang toweweng hehe sebagai Budget Traveller, uang segini berharga banget walaupun dengan 45 RM kita bisa keliling Penang dari pagi ampe malem bebas tapi teteup ajah kalo naek rapid penang akan lebih murah hihi.. so akhirnya kita turun dan naek Rapid Penang untuk kembali ke Komtar. Dari Komtar kita balik dulu ke Asia Heritage Hotel buat istirahat dan solat.

Sorenya, setelah seger kembali, kita memulai kembali perjalanan ngebolangnya kali ini tujuan kita adalah Gurney Drive untuk wisata kuliner. Awalnya aku suka baca mengenai Gurney Paragon dan Gurney Plaza dari instagramnya Alodita hihi, di sini ternyata ada 2 mall gede yaitu Gurney Paragon dan Gurney Plaza, mallnya gede dan di belakangnya ada view laut, asik sih jalan-jalan di sini, kalo buat tenant-tenantnya ampir sama-sama ajah sih kayak di Jakarta, Cuma mungkin bangi yg cosmetic shopper di sini ad Channel yg belum ada di Indo. Lanjut dari mall kita langsung jalan menuju Gurney Drive, well, well, well, awalnya sih kita bingung sisss gmana gak soalnya pas sampe di Gurney bingung para penjual nya banyak cina dan juga banyak jualan makanan gak halal, ehh gak taunya pas kita jalan lagi ke depan ada banyak penjual melayu yang pake kerudungan dan ngejual makanan halal, ternyata di sini itu Corner Halal Food dipisahin loh, jadi gak usah khawatir atau ragu tentang pilihan makanannya buat kamu yang cari makanan halal, karena di sini cornernya juga udah dipisahin. So based on the Food Culinary Flyer yang kita ambil dari Hop On Hop Off tadi kita cobain deh smuanya ahaha dengan harapan pas pulang ke Jakarta kita gak gendut dan gembil kayak Santa Klaus

So here are d summary of the food that we eat in Gurney Drive


Review dari kiri ke kanan

  1. Es Cendol rasanya sama aja kayak Tajil Es Cendol yang biasa bwt Tajil di Indonesia
  2. Es Kacang Spesial yang ini rasanya agak beda ama es mamat di Palembang (hihi enakan es mamat) ini rasanya manis bgt, tapi yang unik dari minuman ini adalah ada buah2an leci sama ada jagung manis
  3. Nasi lemak Cilibili ini enak banget.. nasinya gurih, dan masuk sebagai salah satu pemenang The Battle of penang Hawker Master 2012
  4. Pasemburan Rujak Cucur Udang, ini juga enak banget, jadi isinya kita boleh milih kayak gorengan dan seafood yang ada di steamboat gitu, intinya rujak tapi isinya gorengan dan seafood pake bumbu merah gitu, tapi bumbunya gak manis sih, enak pokoknya..
  5. Char Koey Tiaw, Alhamdulillah akhirnya nemu juga salah satu makanan paling famous di Penang, yaitu Char Koey Tiaw in Halal Version, karena kita udah nyari2 dari kemaren gak ada yang halal, akhirnya nemu deh di Gurney Drive, kwetiaunya enak banget, kaldunya kerasa banget, dan the best partnya adalah bagian telornya yang melting.. maknyuusss..

Abis perut kenyang, kita memutuskan untuk ngeliat mesjid terapung, tapi sayangnya karena waktu itu udah lewat jam Isya jadi mesjidnya udah tutup dan lampunya udah mati, dan lautnya juga lagi surut jadi gak gitu keliatan ngapung deh masjidnya hihihi.. saran aku sih klo mw mampir ke masjid ini enaknya siang dan pas jam solat biar bisa ngerasain gmana solat di sana hihi.. Abis dari foto-foto seadanya di depan mesjid, kita nungguin rapid penang lewat depan mesjid, sambil mandangin apartemen gede yang ada di seberangnya mesjid, kita juga ngayal gmana yah kalo suatu saat kita tinggal di Penang hihi suka banget sih soalnya ama kotanyaa.. sampe akhirnya bisnya lewat dan kita pun balik ke Komtar.

20141211_202015_LLS 20141211_202042_LLS 20141211_202343

Money Spent in Day 7

  1. Ongkos Rapid Penang (Komtar – Penang Hill – Komtar) = 4×2,4 RM = 9,6 RM
  2. Tiket Masuk Penang Hill = 60 RM
  3. Tiket Masuk Owl Museum = 2×15 RM = 30 RM
  4. Lunch Penang Hill = 11 RM
  5. Souvenir Penang Hill = 10 RM
  6. Buy Groceries = 55,9 RM
  7. Ongkos Rapid Penang (Komtar – Gurney – Masjid Terapung – Komtar) = 4×1,4 RM + 2 x2 RM = 9,6 RM
  8. Gurney Drive Dinner
  • Char Koey Tiaw 5,5 RM
  • Nasi Lemak Chilibili 5 RM
  • Es Cendol dan Es Kacang 7,5 RM
  • Pasemburan 10 RM
  • Total 28 RM
  1. Beli yakult dan coklat di Supermarket = 2,6 RM